Pi Colony History

On August 2nd, 2009, Pi Colony was established by a band of 5 brothers on a quest to have their voices heard, their plans executed, and their legacy started.

With over 300 student organizations at the University of Texas in Arlington, these founders believed it was essential to establish an organization that would promote South Asian heritage and culture on campus, as well as, the larger Arlington community. They created the framework for the growth and development of future leaders. The desire to be actively involved with the local community through various endeavors has allowed every brother to become distinguished leaders. Over the past 5 years, the colony has made great strides. Just this past semester, Pi Colony successfully threw its largest event on campus by hosting Sugar Free Bowl and raised $3,500 for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. We look to continue and strengthen these views with the addition of young men from various backgrounds that comprehend and uphold our strong values.

National History

On October 1st, 1998, Delta Epsilon Psi was founded by 18 individuals determined to mold their fraternity into a prominent organization not only on their campus, but also throughout the nation.

The Founders’ ideals and principles would allow Delta Epsilon Psi to expand beyond the confinements of a stereotypical fraternity. Since there was no paradigm to steer them in the proper direction, they alienated the concept of conventional Greek life and implemented a new sense of giving back to the community. Forever has the idea of fraternities held a negative connotation to the majority of college students, but now Delta Epsilon Psi has made it their mission to change that perspective.

Our Mission Statement

We the brothers of Delta Epsilon Psi vow to be a fraternity whose primary purpose is to instill brotherhood, discipline, and commitment within its members through various social and service driven endeavors.